Baseball swings into season


Sherlynn Rodriguez

To prepare and get practice for the season, The Buffalo Bison baseball teams started off with playing two scrimmages, one on Valentine’s Day and the other this past Tuesday. 

“I think that we actually needed these scrimmages,” senior Josh Rodriguez said. “We now know what games are going to be like, and we have been learning from our mistakes that were made during those scrimmages.”

The boys began practice late January and early February. Their first official game will be Monday.

“I’m excited to finally play again,” junior Benito Avila said. “I’ve been waiting for the season to start, and it finally has, and I’m ready to start playing.”

Senior Josh Rodriguez takes his turn at bat during a scrimmage Tuesday evening. (menefee)

There are both a Varsity and JV team this year. More than half of the JV team are freshmen. 

“I wasn’t nervous at all,” freshman Christian Martinez said. “I was actually really excited to be a part of something new.”

The teams are coached by head coach Clayton Ehlert and assistant coach Pete Heintze. This is their second year of coaching at BHS.

“Coach Ehlert really scares me because he is really strict,” Rodriguez said. “But he is a really great coach and I think that he will make us work hard throughout the season.”

Practices are held every day, even in the cold wet weather that has been around for the past couple of weeks.

“Sometimes the weather can be really nice, and other days it can be pouring rain and freezing,” sophomore Richard Renteria said. “Either way, the weather does not stop us from getting better.”