Roddy Ricch releases new hits

Roddy Ricch releases new hits

Mia Barrett

Roddy Ricch, a 21-year-old rapper with incredible talent, released his brand new album on December 6: Please excuse me for being antisocial.

Roddy may be successful now, but he hasn’t forgotten his roots. He let all of his thoughts and feelings be heard through the lyrics of his songs, showcasing an intense beat switch and inspirational flex bars as he croons about the details of how he overcame the obstacles in his life. His melodies provide warm accompaniment to his storytelling.

His new album hit number 69 on Billboard 200 after only a couple of days. After a few weeks, his song The Box hit number-one on the Billboard Hot 100. He was also featured on Nipsey Hussle’s Racks in the Middle alongside Hit-Boy, which earned all three artists a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance in January 2020.

I am a big supporter of Roddy Ricch, and this album was inspirational. This album makes listeners realize that people can come from nothing and become one of the most famous people in the world.