Students host leadership retreat


Emma Adams

Junior Callie Harter leads an activity during the leadership retreat. Callie is a Regional FCCLA officer. (ferguson)

“I had the great opportunity to be able to speak to tons of fellow 4-H, FFA, and FCCLA members,” Dayani Compean said. “Being the president of FCCLA it makes me strive to push my fellow members to be the best they can.”

The retreat was from 8:00 – 3:30 and had different sessions throughout the day teaching about all three organizations.

Buffalo FCCLA hosted the Leon County Leadership Retreat last weekend. All FCCLA, 4-H and FFA officers and members had to opportunity to come and learn about these different organizations.   

“I learned that there are many differences between FCCLA, FFA and 4-H,” freshman Christian Martinez said. “I also learned that communication is a big part of our society and personal lives.”

In the morning the members were split into 2 separate groups and went and learned about different competitions in 4-H. The first two competitions they learned about were 4-H cooking and speaking events. 

“It was very eye-opening getting to see the similarities and differences of 4-H and FCCLA like I do,” freshman Erica Bryson said. “This is my first year in FCCLA and it’s very interesting to me to be able to learn about different organizations outside of what I do.” 

The second session of the day was focused on FFA. Nathan Barret and Cole Rapley taught about the different show animals and played some ice breakers.

“I thought the peanut butter and jelly ice breaker was the best,” Callie Harter said. “It got everyone involved and everyone was laughing.”

After the members and officers broke for lunch it was FCCLA’s turn to present. The officers focused their presentation on some of the main STAAR events and the main question of “What is FCCLA?” 

“I felt like our presentation went very well,” junior Kaline Martinez said. “Everyone was very involved and seemed to be having fun. It was a successful event.”