Student Spotlight: Naidi Dominguez


Kaline Martinez

As the double doors open, almost-identical faces leave students puzzled. The Dominguez twins, Nidia and Naidi, are fraternal twins, so they are not identical, but they are close. While they enjoy spending time together, though, they don’t always like the same activities.

Both sisters are freshmen but participate in different activities. Naidi is involved in Cheer, FCCLA, GEMS, Speech and Debate and Spanish Club.

“People always tell Nidia and I that we are identical but that’s impossible because we are fraternal twin and have almost nothing in common,” Dominguez said. “We have different likes and dislikes, our personality is not the same, and the way we think and feel about certain things contradict themselves.”

Despite the differences, they both share the same friends. Her friends describe Naidi as outspoken, honest, outgoing and smart.

“My favorite part about Naidi is her honesty,” freshman Maddie Howell said. “Whenever I need her honest opinion, she doesn’t hold back to tell me.”

Naidi has made many friends through the many activities she’s in, but says the relationships she’s built in cheer are especially strong. She is a third-year cheerleader performing with the high school squad for the first time.

“We met last year through a cheer fundraiser but didn’t become friends until cheer camp in June this year,” senior Itzel Velazquez said. “We automatically clicked and have been inseparable during games, speech and debate, and FCCLA. I want to be a good role model for her since I’m older.”

Naidi enjoys playing volleyball and swimming in her free time. She enjoys volleyball the most and plans to get back into athletics to play again next year.

“I played volleyball in junior high but quit because I thought it was going to be hard to handle too many activities at once as a freshman,” Dominguez said. “But now that I got a feel of high school, I think I’ll be able to handle playing next year.”

After high school, Dominguez hopes to attend the school of her dreams: University of Texas to become a Labor and Delivery doctor. She is pretty set in her decision, but continues to be open-minded and explore different paths.

“Although my sister sometimes have trouble getting along, I support her in everything she does and wants,” Nidia Dominguez said. “I think she is very intelligent, and if she pushes herself she’ll achieve great things; I will be proud of her no matter what.”