NHS hosts blood drive


Iris Valles

On the day of the NHS blood drive, as the hours passed, new heroes were made. Students 16 and older had the chance to donate blood and save lives. For many, it was their first time; for others, it wasn’t their first rodeo.

“I was scared and nervous because it was my first time donating blood,” junior Alexandra Guevara said.” “It felt good to give blood but I was getting dizzy as they were doing it.”

For some of the students, the familiar feeling of being a helper was a familiar one.

“I have been doing this since like my sophomore year,” senior Andrea Daniel said.” I always feel so good afterward because I am saving lives.”

For new donors, there were new experiences and emotions.

“I started off good, but I was scared and kind of panicked in the process,” junior Bocho Villagomez said. “Afterward I started getting worse and felt crazy. I don’t think I want to do this again if that’s the feeling.”

Some students who wanted to donate were turned away because their blood pressure was too high or their heart rate was too low.

“My blood pressure was too high so I couldn’t give blood,” junior Selina Zacarias said. “It would’ve been my first time, too, and I was bummed.”