Art students create sugar skulls


Ashlyn Carrillo

The art class has been working on a day of the dead sugar skulls for Halloween. The process wasn’t fast, but the class is enjoying it.

“The sugar skull has been my favorite project so far,” freshman Nidia Dominguez said. “I am looking forward to doing other projects.”

Sugar skulls are a traditional thing in Mexico to decorate gravestones. The reason they are called sugar skulls is that they are made out of clay molded sugar.

The class had to color and draw on the skull and then trace the skull on cardboard and cut it out. Once the students are done they put plaster on it to mold it into the shape they want three times once a day for three days. Students then paint the design they drew on it.

“Mrs. Harter wanted to do something fun but still traditional,” Dominguez said. “I am excited to finish my day of the dead sugar skull.”

Sugar skulls are just one of the projects that the art students have been working on this semester.

“High school art class so much better than junior high art,” freshman Shelby Johnston said. “I have enjoyed doing this project, so far my favorite thing we did in class.”

The art class has many more projects coming.

“I can’t wait to do a painting project,” Johnston said. “I have always liked painting, and Mrs. Harter makes projects fun.”