Red Ribbon Week leads to dress-up fun


Mia Barrett

Red Ribbon Week is an awareness campaign to prevent the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs in America. The last week in October is spent on dress-up days and activities.

Monday was Hat Day, with students wearing their favorite caps to “Put a Cap on Drugs.” Tuesday was “Wear Red Day,” and Wednesday was “Team Up Against Drugs,” which had students and teachers in their favorite jerseys and team shirts. “Lei off Drugs” was Thursday, and Friday was Purple Out.

“I feel like it is very fun to dress up during school because it’s something the whole school and all my classmates can do together,” junior Asa Henson said. “Delivering a very important message all in one is what being a Buffalo Bison is all about.”

Some people think that too much emphasis is put on dressing up instead of the educational aspect.

“I don’t think people take Red Ribbon Week for what it is supposed to be,” teacher Tanya Martin said. “There should be more ways to express what red ribbon week is all about.”