Band competes at invitational contest to prep for regionals


Sherlynn Rodriguez

After getting home late from an away game the night before, the Bison Brigade members were worn out when they gathered at 6:00 last Saturday morning to do a run-through and load up for the drive to Whitney High School for their practice marching contest, but they did it anyway, knowing that getting comments from as many judges as they could before their contest next week is important to their success at regional competition. The band will compete Wednesday for a shot at advancing to Area.

“I thought it was good for the band, so I’m glad that we went,” sophomore Saloni Jariwala said. “I had a lot of fun being with my friends, too.”

The band performed the show that they perform for the football crowd on Friday nights, up to the point they had learned it. The judges gave them critiques of what they most needed to get better at and what could help them prepare for the real UIL contest. The band spent this week polishing those comments and learning the last part of their show, which will be included in their high school performance tonight at Blooming Grove.

“They gave us some great information that we’d never even noticed before,” freshman Christian Martinez said. “I feel like with a little more practice, we can really do great in UIL.”

Schools from around the area also competed.

“There were a lot of other schools that were really good,” Jariwala said. “But I think we did better, and I can’t wait to compete against them.”

The UIL regional contest will be on October 23, where the Brigade will compete with other schools and scored by their judges. If they average a one, they will advance and compete at the UIL Area Marching Contest on October 26.

“I’m excited about our UIL contest,” sophomore Aleida Gonzalez said. “I hope that we do good and get high scores.”