New black hole expolsion discoveres


Kaline Martinez

A relatively “recent” event happened in the center of the Milky Way 3.5 million years ago when a supermassive black hole exploded, according to astronomers. This event is changing what scientists thought they knew about our galaxy. A massive blast of energy and radiation came right out of the galactic center and into the surrounding material, which shows that the center of the milky way is a much more dynamic place. The cataclysmic blast ripped through our galaxy and was likely felt 200,00 light-years away in the Magellanic Stream. It is considered to be a recent event because when it happened the dinosaurs had already been wiped out for 63 million years and human ancestors were already walking on Earth. This black hole phenomenon is known as a Seyfert flare. The research was led by Professor Joss Bland Hawthorn from Australia’s ARC Center of Excellence for All Sky Astrophysics in 3 Dimensions. During the study, data was gathered by the Hubble Space Telescope and used to calculate when and how the explosion took place.