Post Malone produces another set of hits


Kaline Martinez

An album that has been on the top of the Billboard 200 chart for three consecutive weeks is Post Malone’s newest album, Hollywood’s Bleeding. His album was released on September 6, 2019. 

Post Malone tries to express that he has been the guy who gets burned too many times. With the album, he wasn’t focused on trying to hit the records but instead he wanted to be personal and affecting. 

The album is composed of peppy beats, bracing hooks, and viscous choruses in order to dominate the charts. He also brings in features to add a little mix to his songs: Future, Halsey, Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott, etc. 

He usually raps for the most part in his songs but his unique singing voice was brought out in the album. Post Malone has an honest tone about his songs that he still manages to be extremely catchy and popular. One song, “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” is an example of Post Malone’s inner thoughts about the music industry. 

If you want to listen to his new album, Spotify, Play Music, and iHeart Radio are just a few apps or radio station where you can listen to his music.