Guevara and Garcia crowned at Homecoming


Iris Valles

Ladies and gentlemen the 2019 homecoming queen is … Ms. Kimberly Guevara! And your homecoming king is … Mr. Roberto Garcia!

Guevara and Garcia shared a hug after receiving their crowns. They posed for photographs and then spotted their sweet ride, a yellow Jeep, which drove them around the track while they waved to the crowd.

“I’m not going to lie, the whole time I was nervous about who was going to win queen,” Guevara said. “But when they announced my name I was so happy and I felt so grateful; I just can’t describe it I just loved the feeling.”

The crowing of homecoming runs in the family for Garcia. Both of his sisters were crowned homecoming queens with Nadia getting to hand down the crown to Andrea.

“My goal was to win homecoming king not only because I really wanted it but also because it runs in the family, you know,” Garcia said. “It felt good to have the crown on my head and take a victory lap in the jeep. Of course, I was grateful that I won as well.”

Queen nominees were Mollie Dittmar, Guevara, Samantha Pate and Maddie Bates. King nominees were Landon Folsom, Mathew Jonas, Josh Rodriguez and Garcia.

“I was really happy for Kim; she honestly deserved it,” senior Mollie Dittmar said. “I am just grateful I even got nominated. It was fun getting to shop for clothes and look extra pretty.”

With all the homecoming activities going on, it hit the seniors that this was their last homecoming as a student. At first, the students didn’t get emotional but it started to sink in as the night went on.

“It just hit me after the game that this was our last homecoming. Nothing has actually settled in fully, but I do know that this was a pretty memorable homecoming because of the dub that we caught,” senior Emma Reeder said. “The whole time I just kind of sat there and let it sink in, which still surprises me because it feels like yesterday I was a scared freshman.”