Dress-up days liven up homecoming week


Kaline Martinez

Maybe it was having Monday off to get outfits ready, or maybe everyone was just feeling more school spirit after last year’s successful football season, but more students participated in dress-up days during homecoming week than typical. While teachers were working at school, students had time to prep their outfits.

“Obviously, as a teacher, I would rather spend time with my students, but it is a necessary evil to have a teacher workday even though it’s homecoming week,” chemistry teacher Mrs. Cox said. “I would say it’s felt kind of weird starting homecoming with a teacher workday.”

Tuesday was Character Day, with students coming as characters from TV shows and movies. Some of the seniors dressed up even though they were outside building the bonfire. A few students set a new and unique trend never seen before: anime characters.

“It was a lot of fun because my friends and I usually dress up outside of school, so it was cool being able to come to school dressed like that,” junior Nicole Rice said. “We stood out a lot more than the people who do the same thing every year; we felt special.”

On Wednesday, the school was flooded with red, white and blue for ‘Murica Day.

“I’m a last-minute person, so I didn’t have an outfit plan for Wednesday,” senior Itzel Velazquez said. “I brought a white shirt to school and splattered red and blue paint on it during first period”

On Thursday, students flashed back to the past with Decades Day. The most popular decade was the 70s.

“I felt very mellow wearing what they wore in the 70s,” freshman Naidi Dominguez said. “Last year, I didn’t dress up because I wanted to wait until high school, because that is when everyone pays attention to you.”

Friday was, as usual, the most spirited day of the week with Purple Out. This year, the homecoming pep rally was held in the morning to start the day full of energy. The stands were stacked with the elementary, lower, and upper junior high on the visitor’s side. The school was filled with purple colors to show off their school spirit.

“It was a pretty good day, but I’m sad that it is my last homecoming,” senior Skylar Randle said. “I’m going to miss all the traditions that high school brings: school spirit, mums and the overall feeling of support from the community.”