Theatre department holds auditions for fall musical


Emma Adams

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As all the actors nervously wait their turn to audition, they try to keep their nerves tamped down. Palms sweat and butterflies flutter as, one by one, they step out onto the stage.

“I was really nervous trying out,“ junior Dayani Compean said. “I practiced so hard, and I just wanted the directors to see that.”

Over the past two days, students have auditioned for the upcoming musical Beauty and the Beast. New directors Katie Villarreal and Melonie Menefee opened the production up to everyone in high school who wanted to participate, even those who couldn’t fit theatre class into their schedule.

“It made me feel really good inside finally getting to step foot back on the stage,” junior Betsy Martinez said. “I missed doing theater like I did my freshman and sophomore year. I was very excited when I heard they were letting people outside of the theatre audition. It is good to finally be able to get back into something I love.”

Sophomore Omar Almeida looks at his script while junior Kyle Hurst listens to the students practicing.

Even veteran students were nervous about auditioning.

“I felt kind of scared,” sophomore Omar Almedia said. ”But I am very happy about what the future holds. I knew if I worked hard and sang good, I would get the part that I wanted.”

Many of the actors trying out were doing so for the first time.

“I was very nervous; I had a lot of people telling me to try out because I could sing very well,” freshman Millie Lane said. “So I gave it a try, and it turns out I got the part.”

Beauty and the Beast will be performed on December 5 and 7 and will include an autograph session for young audience members afterward.

“We have seen a great deal of interest from the community for this show,” director Melonie Menefee said. “We are excited and nervous at the same time – this is the first show for both Mrs. Villarreal and myself, so there is plenty we don’t know – but the kids have a lot of talent, and I think this is going to be terrific.”