Gold Out pep rally pulls in support


Mia Barrett

Whip childhood cancer!

The Gold Out Pep Rally is a school event that gets the community involved to help young children battling cancer. In its second year at Buffalo High School, the event includes t-shirt sales that help to raise money for childhood cancer research.

“Having a personal connection with the start of Gold Out makes me even happier to see another community taking part in the fight of childhood cancer,” teacher Misty Houston said. Houston and her husband, athletic director Brandon Houston, started the program last year.

The pep rally began with a performance from the cheerleaders, who opened up the pep rally with a chant and a cheer to get the crowd rowdy and ready to cheer on the Varsity Football team.

“All in all the cheerleaders kept the spirit up and did a wonderful job,” cheer coach Cheryl Lack said.  “They performed as great as I knew they could.”

After a talk to the crowd from Coach Houston, the Bison Belles hit the court with confidence and pride as they performed in their very first pep rally of the year.

“With more than ten new Belles, it was clear that the girls were really nervous,” former director Amanda Harter said. “But they smiled and gave the performance everything they had.”

The closing of the pep rally was a performance to the song played by the Bison Brigade. All students hopped on their feet and sung the words to Buffalo Highs fight song with pride and school spirit.

“The Bison Brigade tried their best and to me, it was a great first experience,” sophomore Tameka Alexander said. “It makes me even happier to be a new member of the band.”

Gold still dominated the stands at the game that night and the field as well, with the players wearing their gold uniforms and cheerleaders as well as fans sporting their gold t-shirts.

“It’s a fantastic program that means a lot to a lot of people,” teacher Melonie Menefee said. “I have a nephew who fought leukemia, and it is wonderful to know there are so many people willing to help support the fight to wipe out that disease and so many other childhood cancers.”