Tiger found in Southeast Houston


Megan Wedhorn

Last week, Houston police received an anonymous tip about a tiger found in an abandoned home in southeast Houston. Since then, the large feline has been rescued from the home and is now adjusting to its new home in Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas.

After receiving the tip through the 311 helpline and having a judge issue a warrant to seize the tiger, animal officers and investigators traveled to the southeast Houston home and rescued the large feline. The tiger, who was found caged in the garage, appeared to be trained to take selfies with people. Not only was this dangerous for the people, but it was also inhumane for the tiger.

The tiger, who has been named Tyson, spent the night at BARC Animal Shelter before being moved to the sanctuary in Murchison, where caregivers are working to improve and tiger’s health.