NHS moves induction ceremony


Andrea Garcia

The NHS Induction ceremony was held later than usual this year, moving from the fall to late January.

¨We pushed induction back a semester to allow students a chance to raise their GPA,¨ adviser Lauren Rodriguez said. ¨It definitely helped students out.¨

This year, students had to apply to be considered for membership. Rodriguez and co-adviser Donna Vann met with the faculty council to determine which applicants met the requirements for membership.  

¨We did this as a way to make our organization more selective,¨ vice president Yomele Almeida said. ¨It gives membership more prestige because students who are in NHS fit the criteria needed.¨

The induction took place in the auditorium with a reception afterward.

¨The officers read about the pillars of NHS and lit candles,¨ secretary Kayleigh Rhodes said. ¨We then called up the inductees and they wrote their name in the official book and received a pin.¨

This was the first year for inductees to receive pins, which they can wear to show their membership.

¨I was very proud of myself,¨ senior Lasundra Robinson said. ¨I have worked really hard to raise my grades.¨

Inductees are officially now a part of NHS and will begin to do the same activities as the rest of the chapter members.

¨I am excited to take part in the community service project,¨ Robinson said. ¨I cannot wait to go to the field trip later on in the school year.¨