Spotlight: Saloni Jariwala


Jazlynn Early

Teenagers all over the world are shy and full of doubts and insecurities, but freshman Saloni Jariwala says she is “living her best life” with confidence.

“I’m really not that insecure about myself,” Jariwala said. “I’m perfect for myself, and I know I don’t need to change, no doubt about it.”

One thing Jariwala is confident about is her future and her plans to attend A&M in the future and become a pediatrician.

“I have my heart set on A&M because it’s a good school for nursing and doctoring,” Jariwala said. “I really like little kids, and I want to help them feel better.”

Until college comes, Jariwala will do what she always does: scroll through Instagram and hang out with friends.

“Saloni is always so nice and welcoming to everyone she meets,” freshman Emma Adams said. “She’s intelligent, beautiful, and never fails to make me laugh.”

Jariwala is also active in her school life. She cheers for the football boys as a varsity cheerleader, plays the xylophone for the band and participates in FCCLA.

“Cheer is fun, but Saloni makes it amazing,” junior Itzy Velazquez said. “She’s hilarious, and I love hanging out with her on Friday nights.”

When she’s not busy with school and just relaxing at home, she watches Riverdale, one of the most popular shows on Netflix and CW.

“On a scale of 1-10, Riverdale is 1,000,” Jariwala said. “I’m on season three, and I’m really excited for the next episode to come out.”