“Bird Box” full of suspense and action

April Martinez

Sandra Bullock’s Netflix thriller spawned dozens of memes and show references over the holiday, and they continue to bombard social media. Bird Box shows the world turn from normal to apocalyptic in the course of a day, with society now filled with mass suicides and the requisite bogeyman, with a twist – the culprit couldn’t be seen. Critics and viewers compare it to the silent thriller A Quiet Place, however, renaming it to A Blind Place.

Although their storyline is similar, Bird Box still carries its own unique highlights and flaws.

Throughout the movie, flashbacks are added to include background information to the current scenes. The film begins in the present day, with a blindfolded Malorie rowing a boat on a river carrying two blindfolded children. The group attempts to seek a secure environment along with a trio of birds that chirp when the unseen creature is near. If they make eye contact with this invisible being, suicide will be inevitable.

The camera work was phenomenal and brought out some amazing graphic details; in addition, the movie had an exceptional storyline overall. The movie also had amazing shots above the river as well as some scenes focusing the camera’s view through Malorie’s blue mesh blindfold.

Bird Box includes bold characters played by excellent award-winning actors that performed believable roles.

The film was equally fascinating and terrifying to watch until the ending, which was an abrupt disappointment. Possibly producers are leaving an opening for a sequel, but that doesn’t excuse an ending that just doesn’t fit the mastery of the rest of the movie. Despite the ending, I would recommend Netflix’s Bird Box to everyone ages 13 and up.