Girls team adds JV


Andrea Garcia

Now that the season is in full speed, the Lady Bison basketball team has added a JV team. At the start of the season, the team was not large enough for a JV, but new students who enrolled at the start of the second semester gave the group enough players to create two teams. Dividing into two teams does mean that the varsity team has a smaller bench now.

¨It is difficult at times because we no longer have as many subs as other teams do,¨ senior Kayleigh Rhodes said. ¨Some teams do take advantage of it.¨

The players said that having two teams allows more playing time for everyone.

¨It is nice to have a JV team because we get to improve our game,¨ junior Rylee Reeves said. ¨It allows us more playing time and to improve as a team.¨

The JV team has already had games against Westwood and Groesbeck.

¨They played very good,¨ senior Yomele Almeida said. ¨We were proud of them and their hard work on the court.¨

The team’s next game will be against the Teague Lions.

¨I am excited to have joined the team,¨ Reeves said. ¨I joined midseason but nonetheless, I still feel a part of the team and am ready to put work in.¨