FCCLA students hit state fair


Despite the rainy weather, FCCLA students took a trip to the State Fair in Dallas.

“It was definitely cold and drizzly at the fair,” senior Makayla Gilliam said. “It was not as bad as when the FFA kids went the week before, though. And we still had fun.”

The trip to state fair was free to all the members in FCCLA, but students were required to bring five canned goods to donate to the Lord’s Pantry.

“It was FCCLA’s way of doing community service,” advisor Melissa Isaacs said. “Since we missed our chance to take the canned goods to the state fair, we took them to the Lord’s Pantry.”

Members went to learn more about how food goes from the farm to the table.

“I went to different locations and discover the farming spectrum of things, and also visited a lot of food stands,” freshman Aryonna Coleman said. “It was cool to see the differences between everything involved with agriculture.”

Students took advantage of the opportunity to ride all the different rides at the fair.

“We rode as many rides as we could; there were some long lines but we got on either way,” junior Roberto Garcia said. “It was a lot better than being at school.”

Students were not only entertained by the rides, they also ate as much fried food as they could.

“There was so much food there that I did not know could be fried,” Gilliam said. “My favorite dish was the fried Oreos; those were really good.”

A popular attraction for the students there was the sports cars display. There were a number of brand new cars on display for people to look at.

“I saw some really high, lifted trucks and a lot of colorful sports cars on display,” Garcia said. “I definitely enjoyed this part the most.”

Despite the cold, students used this time to have a great time and enjoy the State Fair of Texas.

“I always enjoy coming to the State Fair,” Gilliam said. “There are so many cool things to do, from looking at sports cars, riding rides, eating great food and looking at the animals.”