Spotlight: Jorge Castro


Kaline Martinez

He has a dream that is very clear in his day-dreams:

Now introducing rapper… Jorge Castro!

“I walk around school, lookin at everyone tryna be cool…I’m never in the mix cause that’s how you lose flavor, everybody asking me for pencils like I hand out favors… Getting straight A’s like the rest of the alphabet doesn’t exist to me, they be like ‘yo! Jorge, what you gonna be? I tell them you just gotta wait and see …”

A constant flow of rap comes out of freshman Jorge Castro’s mouth, whether he’s singing or not, in class or out.

¨Music is the way I express my feelings,” freshman Jorge Castro said. “I love the behind-the-scenes of making different types of music but my main focus is rap.”

Castro said it takes him three to four days to create lyrics for his music. Castro has a process where he listens to a bunch of different raps over and over again until he finds something that he likes and something that matches with his emotions.

“I think it makes it easy for him to do music because he is a very outgoing person,” freshman Anthony Gonzalez said. “I like that he puts himself out there and expresses what he’s feeling.”

Apart from music, Castro also has an interest in mechanics at a very young age. Everything that he has learned about cars was from his father.

“It has been a dream of my dad’s since he was little, but he never had the chance to fulfill it,” Castro said. “There’s something intriguing about cars, and I just want to make my dad proud.”

After high school, Castro wants to go to college. He wants to get into a school that offers an auto mechanics program. He also wants to be in the music industry.

“I think he could make it in whatever he wants to pursue, either mechanic or rapper,” freshman Jeff  Donaldson said. “Whatever he chooses, I will support him all the way.”