Spotlight: Gracelynn Dawson


Itzel Velazquez

Bump Down!  1,2,3,4 …5,6,7,8

Cheer language is second nature for Freshman Gracelynn Dawson, who says cheerleading is the most important activity in her life.

“I live and breathe cheer,” Dawson said. “I have done cheer since I was eight.”

Dawson participates in competitive cheer, high school varsity cheer and UIL competitive cheer with the high school varsity squad as well.

“My sister loves cheer; that’s what she lives for,” senior Alexander Dawson said.  “When she competes in all-star, she turns into a beast.”

There are differences between all-star cheer and high school cheer that throw Dawson off. All-stars get to compete and travel, while the high school squad cheers focuses on school-related sports.

“Most people don’t think it’s hard transition to high school cheer if you do competitive all-star cheer,” Dawson said. “It’s actually harder than it looks because there are many differences.”

Gracelynn enjoys the Friday night lights rush and adrenaline because she loves football and she also gets to cheer on her older brother.

“Gracelynn is always pumped and cheering on the boys,” junior Samantha Pate said. “It’s amazing how much energy and spirit she puts into the games. It’s easy to tell she has a passion for cheer.”

Transitioning into high school cheer was hard for Dawson. She works on improving herself every day.

“I’ve seen development and improvement in Gracelynn,” cheer sponsor Cheryl Lack said. “She is an amazing flyer and essential to the team.”