Groups hold combined meetings


Megan Wedhorn

The FFA and FCCLA organizations had a group meeting and back-to-school bash to introduce both programs to current and potential members. The meeting began with both groups announcing their officers together, then splitting up into two groups to continue their business.

“The purpose of the meeting was to meet and greet the members of both organizations,” ag teacher Mikaela Hall said. “During the FFA meeting, we discussed our Meats and Dessert Fundraiser, announced our current top seller, and reminded students that the due date for the fundraiser is October 12. We also discussed our fruits fundraiser and State Fair Ag Awareness Day.”

To make the meeting fun for everyone as well as to entice people to attend, food was provided and there were waterslides. The food included a variety of options such as chicken tenders, fajitas, tamales, cookies, cake, chips and dip, bacon, sausage, rice, fruit cobblers and more.

“I went to the meeting because my friend wanted me to join FCCLA,” freshman Sedona Whitehead said. “My favorite part of the meeting was the food, because it was really good. I mean the waterslide was fun, but the food was where it was at.”

Originally, the two groups were going to have two separate meetings. However, since both of their meetings fell on the same day and only an hour apart, they decided to combine them.

“There are a couple of reasons as to why we decided to combine the meetings,” FCCLA director Melissa Isaacs said. “First, it’s hard to find a time that would work for each group, plus a lot of students are involved in both FCCLA and FFA. Second, the FFA had food planned and we had the waterslides. Third, we all work together for the same types of goals anyways, so it worked.”

The joint meeting was very productive, as well as successful in getting more people to join both organizations. In fact, some of the FCCLA/FFA officers believe that the joint meeting was just as productive as their regular meetings are.

“I feel like the meeting would’ve turned out the same even if we hadn’t of combined the two organizations, but it was still productive,” FCCLA vice President Lupita Martinez said. “The promise of food and a waterslide made a lot of people come. FCCLA alone had over 50 people attend, and a total of almost 100 people came, so it was really exciting.”

The meeting was a big hit with the students. It was such a hit that both Isaacs and Hall are talking about planning an end-of-the-year bash in May.

“I think all of the students had a wonderful time at the meeting,” Hall said. “I heard a lot of them saying that we should do this again. We are actually talking about doing another meeting like this at the end of the year to celebrate the success of the students.”