Students gather at See You At The Pole


Iris Valles

In Jesus’ Name I pray …  Amen.

For See You At The Pole, students gathered around the flagpole early in the morning and listened to music, had donuts, heard a devotional led by Pastor Alan Grisham of First Baptist Church and prayed.

Pastor Alan’s devotional talked about worth. He told the students that no matter how crumbled and used they feel, they are still worth a lot. He used a 20-dollar bill as an example. He crumbled it and stomped on it and asked who wanted it still. Many jumped and reached for the money.

“When he kept asking who wanted the money after he kept ruining it everyone still said they wanted it,” sophomore Betsy Martinez said. “That made me realize I am worth a lot even if I get out down or stomped on.”

Pastor Alan also asked who wanted a doughnut and went around giving those who did, and the very last doughnut he slammed it on the floor and stepped on it. Knowing someone would still come up and get it, he was trying to prove his point.

“He wasted a perfectly good doughnut that I could’ve eaten,” freshman Richard Renteria said. “I still went up after he picked it up and tried getting it.”

After the devotional, eating and singing it was time to pray. Many groups prayed for the school year, their grades, for their families and for their peers and teachers.

“I was really glad to see how many people were there and at how many people prayed as well,” junior Mollie Dittmar said. ”I think this year was a huge success for FCA and See You At The Pole.”