Homecoming court announced


Andrea Garcia

Homecoming Court nominees were announced last month, with winners of the dukes and duchesses finalized last week. . Senior queen nominees are Tana Cleveland, Sheri Donaldson, Andrea Garcia and Makayla Gilliam. King nominees are Hector Dominguez, Colton Green, Jarrett Fishbeck and Peyton Graves.

“I liked that they announced the nominees during the pep-rally,” senior Makayla Gilliam said. “It is a lot easier to hear than in the announcements, and it gives everyone an opportunity to see who they want to vote for.”

Freshman Duke nominees were Riley Ayres, Omar Almeida, Richard Renteria, and Catch Thompson. Duchess nominees are Kami Sotelo, Glori Cozart, Aryonna Walker, and Madison Walker. Winners were Kami Sotelo and Omar Almeida.

“I feel surprised that I got nominated,” freshman Glori Cozart said. “However, I am very thankful and happy about it.”

Sophomore Duke nominees were Bocho Villagomez, Brett Hoffman, Benito Avila, and Eric Beshears. Duchess nominees are Lorna Kitson, Iris Valles-Villa, Sydney Lebel, and Katy Webb. Winners were Iris Valles-Villa and Bocho Villagomez.

“I am very honored to be able to say that I was nominated,” sophomore Sydney Lebel said. “I think it’s going to be a close race and whoever gets is really deserves it.”

Junior Duke Nominees were Roberto Garcia, Matthew Jonas, John Vaughn and Landon Folsom, Duchess nominees are Samantha Pate, Mollie Dittmar, Maddie Bates and Taylor Beshears. Winners were Roberto Garcia and Maddie Bates.

“We have a great bunch,” junior Roberto Garcia said. “I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we are excited to see who wins because we are all definitely capable of winning.”

King and Queen will be announced at the football game during half-time.

“It is definitely nerve racking having to wait a whole month and then the results being announced in front of the whole town,” Senior Tana Cleveland said. “It is definitely worth it though, I am so excited to see who wins.”