PHS students rise to cooking challenge


Josalyn Taylor

Let the cooking begin!

Students in PHS classes were given a taste of what being on a cooking game show is like; they were given ingredients and challenged to create a meal without knowing what the original recipe was intended to be.

“I like to challenge the students with this activity,” PHS teacher Melissa Isaacs said. “It’s fun to see what crazy dishes they can make.”

The students were put into groups as they worked together to make the best dish. For some of the dishes, results were not ideal.

“In my class we made chicken and rice,” freshman April Martinez said. “When my group was done with the dish I didn’t like it. Our chicken was a little spicy and I don’t like spicy food.”

Students who created the best dishes won. For the first couple of times, the challenge will be practice. Later on in the year the best dish will win actual prizes.

“My group made white chocolate mousse,” senior Lupita Martinez said. “It was really good. I think if we were doing the challenge for real, we would have won.”

For some classes, other students will sit in and help judge the dishes for the challenge.

“As I sat in on one of the classes, I tasted a dish that was not quite right,” senior Makayla Gilliam said. “It might have needed just a tad more seasoning. It was fun watching the class create the dish though.”