Rexha takes the world by storm

Rexha takes the world by storm

Jazlyn Early

Music has the ability to take the world by storm, and pop sensation Bebe Rexha, a chart-topping singer-songwriter, is swirling like a hurricane. Her new album Expectations has captured the attention of the music world.

Expectations consists of 14, heartfelt songs that will yank on heartstrings and pull emotions to the surface. Each song seems to tell a story of modern heartbreak and toxic love, something that people can relate to. Rexha has created a spectacular record, influenced by hip-hop and R&B.

The good definitely outweighs the bad in Expectations. Rexha’s album has managed to completely ring me speechless. It takes on some major 90’s diva vibes, and showcases her phenomenal vocals. Rexha’s lyrics sound real and true, as if she’s trying to send a message to her fans. It’s obvious she’s in control of her music.

However, Expectations wasn’t flawless. The record as a whole was deep, intense, and lacked optimistic songs. Some of the tunes were alike, as well. Nevertheless, Rexha has created a very compelling album that will have the crowd singing along.

Overall, Expectations is a remarkable album full of catchy songs and relatable lyrics. Rexha has definitely created something mind-blowing. I’m eager to see what she has in store for the future.

Rexha started her career early, small events and achievements leading up to her career as a solo artist. Although she is best known for her collaborations with other popular artists, such as G-Eazy or Florida Georgia Line, she has also released singles, and written songs for other singers. She has released several other albums previous to Expectations.