Spotlight: Omar Almeida


Megan Wedhorn

Student Leadership in the Bison Brigade includes…

Drum majors is your band ready?

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight….

These are all things that freshman Omar Almeida hears every Friday night

This year Almeida is the assistant drum major of the Bison Brigade. He says that even though the role of drum major can be difficult at times, he still enjoys it.

“Being a drum major for the band is just as challenging as it is an honor,” Almeida said. “I’ve recently had my first bump in the road, but that hasn’t made it any less enjoyable. I truly enjoy being a part of the band and I look forward to a great year.”

Almeida has been in band for four years. He says that he wanted to learn how play an instrument, and ended up learning the trumpet.

“I chose to learn how to play the trumpet because I thought it was the most interesting and prettiest-sounding instrument,” Almeida said. “I originally joined band because I wanted to learn something new, but ended up staying because it became like a second family to me.”

Omar’s friends describe him as funny, smart, an overachiever, outgoing, creative, and crazy. They say that he is always looking to make a joke, and that he is always saying something funny or making the most ridiculous faces.

“My favorite thing about Omar is that he can always manage to make me laugh,” sophomore Selina Zacarias said. “During one of the football games, there were crickets all over the place and he picked one up and acted like he was going to eat it. He had the most straight face as he was lifting it to his mouth, I was dying of laughter.”

Almeida comes from a large family. He has five siblings, one of which is a senior this year. She says that living with Omar is crazy, and having him on the same campus is just as crazy. However she also says that they are as close as two teenagers living under the same roof could be.

“Having Omar in the same building as me is exactly as I expected,” senior Yomele Almeida said. “He’s always trying to embarass me and managed to do so once this year, when he walked into Coach Gleghorn’s class, grabbed my face and kissed my cheek. It’s fun to have him around this year, even though he is embarrassing.”

After high school, Omar wants to go to college. He plans to attend either UNAM, Mexico City, or El Tecnológico de Monterrey.

“If all goes well, I want to go to either UNAM or El Tecnologico de Monterrey and graduate with a major in law and a minor in psychology,” Almeida said. “I plan to be a lawyer for a few years before beginning a career in politics and humanitarian services.”