Seniors give out morning greetings


April Martinez

Senior Friday nigh light participants start off Friday mornings greeting elementary and junior high students to share their school spirit and get them excited for the varsity football game that night.

¨We have a great time hanging out with them,¨ senior Makayla Gilliam said. ¨Hopefully, we can come back every Friday along with more wins.¨

The cheerleaders, football players, Brigade members, and Belles all get involved to exchange smiles and wish the students a good day at school, opening car doors and walking students to the building.

¨I´m glad to see that a couple of senior are willing to donate their time for the students,¨ teacher Melissa Isaccs said. ¨It really does put a smile on their faces.¨

Many of the kids can´t attend any football games, so having some of Friday night´s favorites come out to give high fives and smiles is a true blessing to them.

¨It´s important that the students who won´t be attending don´t feel left out,¨ senior Lupita Martinez said. ¨I´m hoping everyone can get together to support our football boys into another victory.¨