Bison take win in first game of the season


Itzel Velazquez

Fans fill the stands, dressed in purple and gold and excitement on their faces.   Band, Belles, cheerleaders and football players are ready for the rush of Friday night lights to begin.

“As we were getting ready for the game, I turned and saw many fans up in the stands,”  Belle Co-Captain Lupita Martinez said. “Boy, were they ready to watch some football.”

After counting down the days and anticipating their first game for months, the thundering herd took on the Crockett bulldogs on August 31. The boys finished the game with a  33-28 victory over the bulldogs.

“Sometimes your toughest battles are your best victories,” senior Hector Dominguez said. “I am very proud of my team.”

Crockett did not lose without putting up a fight. During the first half the bulldogs were in the lead by about 15 points.

“It was a nerve-wracking moment when we were falling behind,” defensive coordinator Coach Carr said. “We came back strong the second half.”

During half time the 61st line performed to Rocky, played by the marching band. To open up their showcase, the band played Handclap led  by drum majors Colby Menefee and Omar Almeida.

“There were  some mess-ups on the field,” junior Jeffrey Pokryska said. “But that’s just a first-game thing.”

The cheerleaders led on many cheers throughout the game, in hope to pump up the crowd.

“I was so proud of my girls,” cheer sponsor Cheryl Lack said. “We have a lot of new cheers this year.”