The latest from BTS is worth checking out


Kyla Harmon

A Korean Pop boy group called BTS released an album titled Love Yourself May 18, 2018. If I’m not mistaken, this is their seventeenth album released since 2013. They’ve released two or even three albums a year for the past five years. This one ear-catching song named “Tear” has a deep, heartfelt meaning to it creating a feeling of sorrow. Though the video does not give off the same vibe, it’s us still just as excellent. If people were to read the English translation, then watch the video, it gives a little out-look on culture K-Pop.

“Goodbyes, for me, a tear without even knowing, it blooms around my eyes,” quotes lyrics from singer Suga. “My heart that’s stained with belated self-loathing.”

I do realize that this song sounds like a heart-break because of a girl, but I read that these boys are, as usual, under a contract by which specifically states they must not have any relations while in contract. It makes me wonder if someone had something going on beforehand, or if there was a little secrecy involved within this time period.

Did someone go through break-up? Who was in a relationship with who? If so, this seemed like a lengthy relationship involved. So much pain is defined in the song. This one particular line stated someone about him rather having his heart burned than broken so it wouldn’t last. Man, this guy sounds hurt to the core; kind of makes me wish I knew what happened.

In my opinion, this is a fantastic song. I would definitely recommend it, especially for teens in the younger generations. I think the lyrics should be looked into a bit more and people may realize more about what songs are about.