Drake Strikes back with new album

Drake Strikes back with new album

Iris Valles

Drake’s new album is an obsessive album not only to dance to but to have fun and have a good jam session. Many people are enjoying his album around the world enjoyed. The artist had rap beef with Pusha-T and the album is not a response to the surprise attack of hiding his son, which in his album he talks about him.. It isn’t bothering him at all, he’s living his best life, the fact that Pusha-T attacked him about it, he’s actually making good out of the hate.

In Rolling Stone, Drake says,“No matter how much money you accumulate, accolades you receive or children you have, you will still end up spending most of your life staring at your phone.” Meaning the generation is attached to their phones. In certain songs he wants to focus on his son not being like those kids with electronic devices in their faces constantly.

His hit song out of the album is “In My Feelings,” it turned into a challenge. It is a good song to dance to and have fun with. The challenge basically is you get out of your car as its rolling and when the lyrics,”Kiki do you love? Are you riding? You say you’ll never ever leave from beside me?” You do dance moves to it.

The songs all have a meaning behind them and they all have similar rhythms and lyrics to make them all connect to the scorpion theme.

The whole album is a pretty good album, not one of his best ones but it’s still a hit. I think it could’ve been better with different types of beats and lyrics than using some of the same lyrics. His music in general is good with some good messages that can inspire someone and I like that about him.

I would recommend listening to the album as a whole. Also, listen to the lyrics carefully to find out about his mysterious son.