Seniors interview for scholarships


Nadia Garcia

Senior prom, graduation, and college are several things that many seniors think about this time of year. One thing that is constantly running through the back of their minds, though, is how they are going to afford to pay for tuition, books, and dorm rooms once college starts in the fall. This week, 20 of the seniors were interviewed by local business leaders for local scholarships.

“The local scholarships are scholarships that Buffalo residents, organizations and businesses give out to the seniors,” senior Taylor Lack said. “It is a way to help out the community”

The seniors drew for interview order ahead of time and then faced the interview committee one at a time.

“I drew the number 19 meaning I was second to last, “ senior Shalyn Cotton said. “ I was a little bummed out, but it gave me more time to prepare.”

The students were asked many questions varying from their future plans to their strengthens and weaknesses.

“I did not know what to expect,” senior Lilah Molina said. “I was asked various question and I just made sure to answer them clearly.”

The scholarship interviews are an annual event, with a new lineup of nervous students each year.

“I’ve been in the holding room with the seniors as they get ready to go in,” teacher Melonie Menefee said. “They are always nervous about what they will be asked and how they will do, and every year, they do fine. Our community is wonderfully supportive for offering so many scholarships each year. We are so lucky they care for our students and their futures.”