Students attend career fair


Sheri Donaldson

Juniors and seniors traveled to Bryan Wednesday for a college and career fair to help them plan their futures.

“When they announced that we would be going to the career fair, I was actually really excited,” junior Breannali Dominguez  said. “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I grow up, so it was a cool experience.”

The school groups spent the first part of their day discussing possibilities with the director of the career center.

“All the students got quiet when we heard the head person speak to us,” junior LaSundra Robinson said. “He gave us a really inspirational talk to find a career that we will always love; he really did inspire us to take the career fair seriously.”

The students were able to choose and speak with a variety of representatives in different categories such as medical booths, business booths, technical booths, educational booths and more.

“I was happy when they told us of the different booths available,” senior Cynthia Mendoza said. “It help keep me entertained and really interested in all of the different jobs.”

There was a technical row which included booths for students interested in engineering or robotic-based jobs.

“I think I want to do something in the engineering field so it was cool seeing booths about that,” junior Jose Sanchez said. “Looking and speaking to some of the engineers there, really made me become more interested in having a career as an engineer.”

The students were also able to visit the medical and health booths with doctor and nurse representatives with careers in nearby Bryan and College Station hospitals and clinics.

“I was able to speak with a nurse who worked in College Station’s Baylor Scott and White Medical Center,” junior Andrea Garcia said. “I’ve always been interested in the medical field, so I was glad to speak to someone who was a doctor and could answer some of my questions about being in the medical field.”

Students visit booths at the Bryan career fair Wednesday. Students had a wide variety of careers to investigate at the event.

Firefighters were also present to speak to students interested in taking that path.

“It was cool seeing some firefighters and their equipment,” senior David Alcantar said. “I am already a volunteer firefighter, so it was fun being able to speak and bond with a few other firemen.”

Another group of representatives that caught the attention of many students were a group of pilots for American airlines.

“My friends and I spoke to a few pilots and captains for an hour; they spoke about how much they truly enjoy their job,” senior Nadia Garcia said. “It was truly so interesting to hear about all the places they are allowed to travel, about their everyday lives, the people they meet, and more; it was an overall eye-opening experience,  to choose a job that I will enjoy forever.”