Buffalo hosts track meet


Josalyn Taylor

The Buffalo Track team hosted a track meet last week; the boys took second place overall.

“I’m happy that we got the second place team,” junior Tony Rios said. “It’s fun being a part of this team.”

The boys took home many medals with them. Sophomore James Phillips took home first in 100 meter dash. Senior Dawson Adams won first in 400 meter dash and 110 meter hurdles.

“I feel like I’m doing good this year,” Adams said. “I’m hoping that I progress enough to fill the shoes my family wants me to.”

The girls won several events as well. Sophomore Samantha Simpson received first in 100 meter dash and long jump. Sophomore Mollie Dittmar received first in Discus, and junior A’sia Bradley won first in triple jump with Dittmar following.

“I’m happy I got first,” Bradley said. “I like the feeling of getting first; it makes me feel good.”

After the long day was over, this Buffalo Track team went home with smiles after they did well.

“Once I went home I couldn’t help but be happy,” senior Melanie Slay said. “All my teammates did so well.”