Student Spotlight: Katy Webb


Carina Sanchez

Light glaring into her eyes off the court and the timer on the scoreboard going as fast as her heart beats, freshman Katy Webb spikes the ball. ¨Nice serve!¨ her teammates yell and crowd goes wild. This is how Webb spent her first year at Buffalo High School: playing the sport she loved – volleyball.

¨She was a great player and was always able to get the ball over the next,¨Coach Kyle Gleghorn said. ¨It was great having her play for us this year.¨

Not only does Web play volleyball, but she also participates in track  and out of school is a part-time barrel racer.

¨I really do enjoy volleyball so it does suck I will have to get out due my busy rodeo schedule next year,¨ Webb said.¨It’s a hobby of mine and I take it very seriously.¨

During the summer of 2017 Katy Webb made it to nationals and of course her parents were deeply proud of her.

¨Katy has been working on races like these for years now,¨ Webb’s mother Lisa Webb said. ¨Not only does it make me proud that she does what she loves but she’s the best at it too.¨

Although being a part-time rodeo girl and full time high school student and athlete can be very stressful according to her agriculture teacher Webb does just fine.

¨I do know that Katy is a very busy girl and especially competing in FFA as well,¨ teacher Mikaela Hall said. ¨Yet she still have very good grades and is always caught up with her work.¨

Having hobby like rodeoing or barrel racing can be very time consuming but still Web in on top of her game.

¨I have known Katy since we both went to Dew together and even then she was still very smart,¨ sophomore Skyler Randle said. ¨This year only shows me more that she is a good multitasker.¨