Menefee wins photo competition


Kaiden Loep

Who knew that rubber duckies were so photogenic? Sophomore Colby Menefee showcased rubber ducks in a contest he entered with the Association of Texas Photography Instructors last month, winning an award with his photo series.  

“I took the pictures two days before the competition entries were due,” Menefee said. “I really didn’t expect to win because I just threw them together and did a few quick edits before submitting.”

Menefee said that he has always loved photography and has entered other competitions before this one. He said that he also enjoys playing around with new cameras and equipment.

“I’ve done a few other competitions, but I always prepared for those more,” Menefee said. “I take plenty of pictures during the shoot so that I can choose what picture looks the best. I usually take them from multiple angles with different lighting.”

Menefee is in Journalism and takes many pictures for the yearbook each year.

“I take a lot of pictures at school events for our yearbook,” Menefee said. “I plan on being in journalism all four years and I also plan on entering more photography competitions throughout the years. I’m really happy that I won this competition and I plan on entering it next year to hopefully win again.”