Justin Kilgore could be country music’s next big star


Megan Wedhorn

Recently, the small town of Buffalo, Texas, has made headlines due to former student, Justin Kilgore appearing on the first episode of this seasons NBC’s The Voice. For his audition, Kilgore performed the song “Tomorrow” by country singer Chris Young, which earned him a four chair turn around from the judges.

Kilgore grew up on a farm that his family has owned for over 100 years, but early on he realized that the farm life wasn’t for him. Growing up in such a conservative town, where it was frowned upon to be different, Justin was afraid to be himself. From a young age, Justin knew that he liked guys, but because of how things were back then, he kept that information to himself. However, during his sophomore year in high school, instead of joining the football team like most guys, he tried out for the cheerleading team and became the first male cheerleader that Buffalo had ever had.

Believe it or not, music wasn’t a major part of Justin’s life growing up. In fact, It wasn’t until Justin went to college that he gained an interest in country music. After college, he moved to Austin, Texas so that he could pursue a career in music. There, he wrote original songs, performed them, and he even produced two albums. However, at the time he still felt like he had to hide who he was, so he produced the two albums under the name Aiden Kross. Eventually, things weren’t working out, and Justin gave up on music for a few years, until he got the opportunity to audition for The Voice.

Justin Kilgore is an amazing singer. His audition was by far one of the best ones of this season. My mom and I are friends with his aunt, Melissa Grant, and she’s the one that told us we needed to watch this season of The Voice. At the time, she wasn’t allowed to tell us why, but as soon as the episode Kilgore was on was over, she texted me and said that Justin was her nephew. The show saved his audition for last and it was because they saved the best for last. If I had not of known any better, I would have thought that Justin was already a famous country singer. I can not believe that someone from this tiny rural town, someone who used to go to school here, is on The Voice. I’m definitely team Justin, and I believe that he has a true shot at winning this season of The Voice.

If you’re interested in watching Justin Kilgore, tune into NBC’s The Voice on Monday and Tuesday nights. Also, if you’re interested in watching Justin’s audition video check out the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjNf6SolPvU/, or you can check it out on iTunes. I promise it will be worth your time.