“Big Little Lies” draws in viewers

Iris Valles

The TV show Big Little Lies is yet on another season of their show. It focuses on unfolding a central mystery. But what it does particularly well is that it portrays the complicated thinking and the social deal-making of a group of wealthy mothers.

The show is gorgeously stylish and is a gratifyingly dark drama that makes the person feel like a part of the show. It lures them in with the mystery that comes and goes, the romantic scenes, the dramatic scenes, and the sad scenes.

The actors keep their act together even when they say some things that are meant to funny. They keep the mood there making it more realistic. The cast is on season two right now and it just came back.

I haven’t watched it yet but I am dying to watch it. It seems like another type of show like Pretty Little Liars. I want to be part of all the scenes and all the moods, feelings, drama, sadness, happiness and victories.

From the description I have read, it sounds very interesting and a good binge-watching show. It sounds like a good show and the videos and pictures seem interesting as well. So I would recommend watching it.