Student Spotlight: Kayla Saenz


Scarlet Carrillo

Nobody knows where they might end up, nobody knows…

Freshman Kayla Saenz loves television. She eagerly waits to see if the doctors survive the airplane crash in Grey’s Anatomy. Saenz also like to watch Switched at Birth and Glee on Netflix during her free time.

“Grey’s is so much fun to watch and always has you hooked,” said Saenz. “I’ve learned so many medical terms I could probably start my own hospital.”

In addition to watching Netflix, Saenz also likes to chill and watch youtubers Kian & Jc and Sssniperwolf.

“It’s just something I find funny and entertaining to do,” Saenz said. “It’s something that keeps me occupied and helps me relax and unwind.”

She is also a part of Belles, FCCLA, Gems, Journalism and student council. She likes to hang out with her sister and socialize on her phone when she has nothing to do.

“She’s a great dancer and can do certain movements belles can’t do,” Iris Guerrero said. “She’s also very social and is always making new friends.”

She very flexible and gifted at singing. In the future she plans on trying out modeling during the summer.

“I didn’t know she could sing at first and when I found out I asked her if she could sing,” Kaline Martinez said. “I was surprised when she sang. It was really good.”

Currently she’s living life in the moment and has no concrete plan for her future but does want to go to college, get a good job and make money.

“We’ve both been friends as long as I can remember and she’s never been good at planning,” Karla Lira said. “She just goes with the flow and enjoys life. That’s what draws people towards her.”