Oklahoma woman throws her dog a Quinceanera


Dog quinceanera Rosie Cheeks Photography

Megan Wedhorn

Dog lovers would do anything for their four-legged companions. One woman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, took it one step further, throwing a Quinceanera for her German Shepherd.

Last week, Jackie Pizano told Eyewitness News that she threw a Quinceanera for her German Shepherd, Nova, because it seemed like the right thing to do. They dressed Nova up in a pink dress/tutu like outfit and a tiara, and threw her the right of passage party. She got the full coming-of-age treatment including the traditional dance with the “man of honor”. Reportedly Pizano and her family missed the moment that Nova turned 15 in dog years, but that didn’t stop them from throwing her the party she deserved.

On top turning 15, the age that is a passage for every young lady in the Spanish/Latin American culture, Nova recently earned the Einstein award from K-9 University. Her family says that she is quite the role model, especially when protecting her sister Phoebe, who is mini Doxie.

These adorable dogs now have an Instagram of their own to show off their party pictures and the other fun things they do. If you want to check out their Instagram page, check out https://www.instagram.com/novalaquinceanera .