“Before I Awake” brings nightmares to life

Carina Sanchez

When parents lose a child a hole is created and some try to conceive another child to fill the gap. When Mark and Jessie find out that they are not able to have more kids after the loss of their only son Sean to a drowning, they decide to become foster parents to Cody, played by Jacob Tremblay.

Tremblay plays an eight year old boy, and although he is still very young, his acting showed great potential. In this movie he play as a child whose dreams come true when he sleeps, whether they are good dreams or nightmares Cody forced himself to stay awake throughout the nights to avoid living his dreams. When his foster parents see their dead son appear, they realize that they must uncover the truth behind what causes Cody to live out his dreams … and his nightmares.

This movie had a great plot twist and and happy ending;it explains how the minds of children can twist things into something different than what they really are. In this movie Cody turned his dreams into a realty but also came with great fatalities.